our story

more than just a catchy southern name, billie jo is my grandmother “grammy”. most of my fondest childhood memories revolve around her—either at her house way out in the country or hanging out at her local and beloved furniture store, the furniture barn. she used to sell the most exquisite home decor + accessories until her store closed back in 2016 after almost 40 years of successful business! 

thankfully, the last decade her store was open, I was able to go to market (where retailers buy wholesale) with her and my mom in atlanta, ga. somewhere downtown on peachtree street between the apparel and the merchandise mart, I realized I wanted to follow in her footsteps. I mean, how cool to not only be your own boss, but also be able to curate a beautiful store—a unique aesthetic of your own! except I had a little something different in mind… clothing was going to be my niche.

growing up in an extremely small town, shopping options were limited to say the least! whether it was homecoming, church, a holiday event, honestly sometimes even just leaving the house (LOL), an outfit I was truly proud of was hard to come by. it was incredibly difficult to find clothing different than what everyone else was going to show up wearing. I wanted to stand out. 

fast forward to present day, my hopes with this store are to bridge that gap in the market for my customers and help source pieces that you won’t see many other places!  not only in my hometown of union city, tn but also in cities & towns all across the U.S. + beyond! 

in closing, retrospectively as an adult, I realized people weren’t just coming into the furniture barn to see the latest sofa fabric or the new trend with lamps, etc — they were coming in to visit grammy. to this day, she makes everyone feel welcomed and warm. so on her behalf, I extend that welcome and warmth… and I’m glad you’re here!

I truly hope you find something(s) you love and wear it confidently, knowing it was thoughtfully and meticulously handpicked by yours truly. happy shopping :) 

xo brenna jo